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All Books by Barry Knister

Book 4: Brenda Contay Suspense Series

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Who is targeting Brenda’s college students?

Brenda Contay used to be a local Detroit celebrity. She covered gruesome stories as WDIG’s Lightning Rod tabloid reporter, but she hated the violence and sensationalism. That’s why Brenda is happy to leave crime reporting to teach journalism at her alma mater, Davison Polytechnical University.

Except murder and mayhem have followed her to campus.

A Davison student is blown up while hitchhiking home for Christmas break. Three nights later, another is cut almost in half in Davison’s new student center.

Brenda feels duty-bound to stay on campus, but she has promised to travel to Florida for the break. She and her boyfriend Charlie agreed to help care for Brenda’s nieces at Disneyworld, and Charlie is at last going to meet Brenda’s difficult mother. Reluctantly, she and Charlie head south, but as Christmas arrives, more death comes to Davison.

There’s only one point of connection to the murders: Brenda’s bright, beautiful student, Clara Fiore.

In this dark psychological mystery, multiple points of view work to peel back the layers concealing betrayal and manipulation. Brenda Contay will need all the help she can get to save her favorite student.

But even if she succeeds, how will Clara Fiore ever be able to live with the awful truth?


Is destiny your friend or your enemy?

A year after Pulitzer journalist Brenda Contay killed a killer, she’s convinced what she did has destined her to a life of unhappiness. Determined to run away from her past, and the man she loves, Brenda meets her next story in Naples, Florida.

James Rivera is smart, charming, and deadly. He believes he’s destiny’s child and that fate is why he’s getting rich by helping old people who want to die. Even when they change their minds.

Brenda’s search for the story behind James Rivera will lead her back to her troubled past, and to a life-changing lesson: destiny isn’t waiting for us. It’s what we make it.


Book 2: Brenda Contay Suspense Series

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How far would you go to protect your chance for happiness?

Journalist Brenda Contay seems to have it all: a Pulitzer Prize, plenty of money and good friends. Just one thing is missing: a relationship that counts.

That changes when lawyer friend Marion Ross invites Brenda to go fishing in northern Minnesota on a big, comfy houseboat. Charlie Schmidt has a cabin nearby, and before long, Brenda is thinking a lot about Charlie’s gracefulness and good looks.

But two other men have followed the women, each with his own agenda...

It’s a beautiful place, northern Minnesota. Cold, clear, unblemished. But none of it will count when Brenda Contay must choose between losing her chance for happiness, or committing a terrible crime.


Book 1: Brenda Contay Suspense Series

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Journalist Brenda Contay doesn't go looking for troublebut trouble keeps finding her...

When Brenda Contay makes it big on local TV as WDIG’s Lightning Rod reporter, everything seems to be turning around for her. The only problem is her success comes from her butt looking good in a pair of Levis.

When an old lover drowns off a tiny island in the Pacific, Brenda quits her job to learn the truth: because all-state swimmers like Vince Sublik don’t just drown.

Drawn into a scandal of global proportions involving one of the ten richest men in America, Brenda’s chance of living to break the story is next to zero.

But that’s the one thing about The Anything Goes Girl: she hates to lose.


Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking?

The elderly residents of Donegal Golf and Country Club are very attached to their dogs. Dogs aren’t just pets at Donegal, but cherished companions and members of the family.


Bill’s a big, affectionate Labrador retriever mutt who is rescued after escaping a puppy mill. He’s a bit of an oddity at Donegal, where most dogs are small and professionally bred. Even so, Bill is friends with all the other dogs and owners.


When Ruby, the granddaughter of Bill’s master comes to visit, trouble starts. Ruby is afraid her father will stop loving her because he has a new wife and baby. When this fear leads Ruby to tell a lie, Bill’s master is forced to surrender his dog to an animal shelter.


But Bill's love is unconditional—he'll do anything to be reunited with his master. By story's end, this love will lead others to see a simple truth: when you help someone—a child, or even a dog—the one you help most is yourself.

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