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Brenda Contay Series Book 1


The Anything Goes Girl

Book 1: Brenda Contay Suspense Series

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Journalist Brenda Contay doesn't go looking for troublebut trouble keeps finding her...

When Brenda Contay makes it big on local TV as WDIG’s Lightning Rod reporter, everything seems to be turning around for her. The only problem is her success comes from her butt looking good in a pair of Levis.

When an old lover drowns off a tiny island in the Pacific, Brenda quits her job to learn the truth: because all-state swimmers like Vince Sublik don’t just drown.

Drawn into a scandal of global proportions involving one of the ten richest men in America, Brenda’s chance of living to break the story is next to zero.

But that’s the one thing about The Anything Goes Girl: she hates to lose.

The Anything Goes Girl Q & A With Self

The Anything Goes Girl is a radical departure for you. It’s got action, crime, humor, suspense. But your most recent book Just Bill is a quiet study of the lives of dogs and retirees living on a golf course. What explains the change?


Actually, my dog book is the departure. My first novel The Dating Service was a gritty thriller about Vietnam Vets.


Is your new novel based on personal experience?


Even if The Anything Goes Girl  was a space opera or zombie novel, I would answer yes. That’s because you can’t write what hasn’t been experienced. Either you’re dealing with historical events—or your own history—or you’re concerned with the mental history of imagination. This may sound weird, but that’s how I think about it.


OK. Let me put it differently. Is The Anything Goes Girl  

about things that actually happened in life, as opposed to happening in the imagination?


Yes—and no. I am writing about people and places I met up with in life, but everything’s been changed.

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