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Brenda Contay Series Book 2


Deep North

Book 2: Brenda Contay Suspense Series

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How far would you go to protect your chance for happiness?

Journalist Brenda Contay seems to have it all: a Pulitzer Prize, plenty of money and good friends. Just one thing is missing: a relationship that counts.

That changes when lawyer friend Marion Ross invites Brenda to go fishing in northern Minnesota on a big, comfy houseboat. Charlie Schmidt has a cabin nearby, and before long, Brenda is thinking a lot about Charlie’s gracefulness and good looks.

But two other men have followed the women, each with his own agenda...

It’s a beautiful place, northern Minnesota. Cold, clear, unblemished. But none of it will count when Brenda Contay must choose between losing her chance for happiness, or committing a terrible crime.

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